Using Cedarwood Atlas Organic Essential Oil

Cedarwood is a majestic evergreen tree, which grows up to 131 ft. high. The wood itself is hard and strongly aromatic because of the essential oil it contains, which is obtained by steam distillation. Originating in the Atlas Mountains in North Africa, linen chests were frequently crafted from Cedar. The ancient Egyptians prized the oil, mostly for embalming purposes, but also for cosmetics.  

Cedarwood Atlas Organic Essential Oil produces a rich, woody aroma that is such a grounding aroma, it promotes feelings of vitality and wellness. It has a calming and soothing effect on the mind and is of great help in conditions such as anxiety and nervous tension. It can also combat negativity. 
Breathing in Cedarwood Atlas essential oil recalls the sense of awe and inspiration we find in the natural world. A lovely oil to use in meditation. 

It is an excellent oil to diffuse at bedtime, helps to get a restful sleep. A great Blend for a deep restful sleep is 4 drops Cedarwood and 3 drops Bergamot or try 4 drops Cedarwood and 3 drops Lavender Bulgarian. Add a few drops of Copaiba for added benefit. 
Cedarwood oil is also used for acne, oily skin and dandruff, a couple of drops can be added to creams. 
It is also of value in cases of arthritis and sore muscles. T
o relax tight muscles, take at least a 20-minute soak in bath water added with 4 - 5 drops of cedarwood essential oil to reduce pain.
Cedarwood can help with respiratory problems such as colds, coughs and bronchitis. This oil works well in removing mucus from the respiratory system when used in a diffuser, humidifier or in aromatherapy. Or simply apply, diluted with a carrier oil on the chest and back.
Can also be a useful bug repellant. Cedarwood can repel Mosquitoes, flies and ticks. Can be mixed in a 4oz amber spray bottle with 20 drops of cedarwood, teaspoon of ebsom salts or witch hazel and distilled water. Lemongrass can also be added. 

Cedarwood is also a great cleaner for hardwood floors. Use a warm bucket of water, 1/2 cup of white vinegar, 20 drops of lemon and 15 drops of Cedarwood. Mop as usual, wipe to dry. 

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