Why use diffusers with essential oils over candles and air fresheners?

Scents from pure essential oils can control our moods, thoughts, feelings, movement, respiration, metabolism, hormones, and resistance to illness. These smells can inspire relaxation, promote ease of breath, help boost the immune system, and protect the body from the harmful physical and emotional effects of stress. Essential Oils extracted from nature are most potent in improving well-being in every sense: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 
So if pure essential oils extracted from nature can benefit our health and wellness just by inhaling it, then what is happening to the body when we are inhaling all those chemicals found in candles, air freshener aerosol sprays, plug ins, perfumes and chemical cleaners. 

Unfortunately, scented candles can be dangerous. The worry of an open flame, concerns about hot wax and broken glass if ever the candle is knocked over. But besides this, research shows that many popular brands of scented candles are made with paraffin, lead, benzene, and toluene (two known carcinogens) which when burned releases toxins into the air, and into your lungs, causing all sorts of health issues. If you are using candles that are not 100 percent pure beeswax, or are made with 100 percent natural waxes like coconut, hemp, or soy, then they are probably toxic. Some candles have wicks that contain heavy metals that become airborne and easily inhaled when burned. Some of the scents and dyes used to make scented candles release harmful chemicals that can cause hormonal, behavioural and general health related issues. 

Studies have confirmed that the residual chemicals from plug ins and air fresheners can accumulate in the human body over a period of time, causing health issues. Plug ins rely on heat induction technology and special heat-activated gels, which cause a scent to be released. These gels can contain a huge number of toxic compounds. These plug ins contain the same chemicals as aerosol sprays, plus one extra—Naphthalene. This chemical has been found to cause cancer in the lungs and tissue damage in lab studies. Experts believe it likely causes the same effect in humans and pets. Other chemicals found in plug ins and aerosol sprays are: Formaldehyde - which is a known carcinogen, Pthalates - which have been linked to changes in hormone levels, poor semen quality, birth defects, and reproductive harm,  1,4 dichlorobenzene - which can cause modest reductions in lung function and Allergens that can cause harm to people with seasonal allergies, chronic asthma, COPD, or even just a common cold.

Just writing those chemical names made me feel terrible! But you want to make your house smell nice, what do you do? That’s where Diffusers and Essential Oils come in! 

Diffusers enhance the environment by spreading the fragrance of essential oils throughout the air. When you use an essential oil diffuser, the essential oil permeates every part of the atmosphere. Besides making your home smell fresh and pure, each oil has different therapeutic properties, just by inhaling.  You can use oil blends to uplift your mood, provide emotional balance, help you sleep, help with respiratory issues, help with the immune system to fight off colds and flu, or even fight a headache.

Essential oil diffusers pump out fresh plumes of fragrant water vapour, only occasionally having to be filled with a small amount of water and a few drops of essential oils. Diffusers work to give off fragrance at a slow but consistent pace. 

Most diffusers don’t require any form of internal heat to disperse their scented oils around a room. There’s no flame, no hot wax, no chemicals! You can put them in any room, on a side table, windowsill, counter or hidden out of sight.

Diffusers are cheaper in the long run and essential oils can last a long time. Candles are very expensive you’ll find yourself replacing them fairly often – about every 40 hours of use or so. A $20.00 candle may last you only a few days but a $20.00 bottle of essential oil can last over 3 months or longer depending on how much you use. Its just a matter of building your essential oil collection. 

Say goodbye to toxic candles and air fresheners and hello to diffusers and essential oils. The right choice is pretty clear!

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