Delightful Diffusers

At Pomona Pure we can't get enough of diffusers! We can diffuse in any room of our home, office or even in the car.  Adding several drops of oils into the water, it will fill your space with a lovely fragrance, and create therapeutic benefits. There are so many different types of Ultrasonic Diffusers to suit your needs and style. Let's figure out which ones would be best for you. 

Diffusers come in a range of sizes. Usually starting at 100ml.

100ml to 200ml is perfect for an office, car, small bedroom or bathroom. These smaller diffusers are the perfect size to carry with you to your office or to diffuse beside your kids work space if studying or doing homework. These last for about 6-8 hours.

300ml to 400ml diffusers are great for bedrooms or dens, offices, living rooms, kitchens. These last for about 6-10 hours. 

500 ml diffusers are a good size for larger spaces such as living rooms, master bedrooms, larger kitchen or office space. These are for medium to larger spaces and will reach more square footage. these last over 12-14 hours. 

There are some features to consider when choosing your diffuser. 
Most diffusers have 7 LED lights that can cycle through colours or can be set to one colour or no colour at all. Some diffusers can be brighter than others, so keep that in mind. The lights can be very soothing and also used as a night light.
Most diffusers will have waterless auto shut off, that allows you to select continuous mist. There will also be hourly settings with different options for timers such as 1hour/3hour/6hour, if you don't want the mist going all day. Also a push of a button allows for a stronger or weaker mist. 
With a remote control, you could stay in bed, sofa to control it, no need to get up to operate it anymore when you are so tired. You can change the colour, mist mode, time all by a remote control.

There are different styles, some have a classic wood grain finish, this essential oil diffuser can be used as a decorative piece. 
Some have a larger light surface, with more noticeable soothing lights, these make great night lights. 

Ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers(diffusers) can be used as a Night Light, Air Fresher, Air Ionizer, Air Purifier, Aromatherapy Diffuser, Home Humidifier, Allergy Alleviation, Mood Relaxing Aid, Adult and Kids Sleeping Aid, and used in living room, bedroom, office space, bathroom, classroom, take with you on a trip for hotel room or wherever you need it. 
Also amazing for when you have guests over, it will put everyone in a great mood!

Here is a cleaning tip for your diffuser - Just fill up the diffuser half way with water, take a capful and a half of vinegar, and diffuse for about 20mins. Turn off diffuser and pour out the vinegar and water, take a microfibre cloth and wipe the inside of any residue from the oil. Take a q-tip and gently clean the middle disk at the bottom. 

You are all set to start fresh again with your blending! Happy Diffusing :)