Lava Stone Jewellery

At Pomona Pure, we love wearing our diffuser bracelets and necklaces! It is the perfect way to make sure your favourite oils stay with you all day. Whether it be for calming, focus, grounding, uplifting, illness or anxiety, you can be sure that the porous lava stones will hold the aroma of the oil.
Whatever your mood is, just place a few drops over the black lava stones. Make sure you remove the bracelet before you put the oil on and let it dry before placing the bracelet back on your wrist to avoid getting oils directly on your skin. Place bracelet on a paper towel, then run a few drops along the lava stones and let dry for 10-20 minutes. This is especially important during the summer months with citrus oils, because those oils can be photosensitive and your skin could burn easier in that area. Black lava stones provide the best way to diffuse essential oils on the go. The porous material will hold the oil for hours. If you choose to wear citrus oils, just make sure not to expose your wrist or neck to the UV rays. Wear sunscreen in those areas. 

Choose to wear diffuser jewellery, and make these oils a part of your daily experience. The benefits of these oils, can make a difference in many ways. Stay much more focused, calmer and grounded. It takes about 20 seconds for the aroma of essential oils to get to the brain to experience the benefits. 

Instead of body sprays and perfumes, lets forget about those harmful chemicals and start wearing your oils to promote wellness all day long and smell amazing at the same time. 

Lava Stone diffuser bracelets and necklaces make excellent gifts for Mother's Day, Birthdays, Christmas, Teacher's gifts, Valentine's Day and many other occasions. Bundle it together with a Pomona Pure single oil or synergy blend and you have the perfect gift.

Our new synergy blends are coming soon, so keep checking in.

Some great oils to add to your lava stones:

Bergamot, Lime, Frankincense- these oils are calming and grounding, good for depression, anxiety and also can be uplifting as well. Just take caution and don't expose those areas to the sun for too long. Make sure the bracelet is dry before placing on your wrist.
Grapefruit- is a great oil for focus and motivation. Great if you have a meeting or studying for tests. 
Lemongrass- for uplifting and cleansing.
Lavender- for calming 
Pomona Pure synergy blends such as Relaxation, Clear Mind and Immunity.