15ml Immunity Blend

15ml Immunity Blend

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Immunity is a stimulating blend of Orange Sweet, Lemon Sicily, Tea Tree Australian, Rosemary Spanish, Frankincense (India), and Eucalyptus globulus Essential Oils.

Immunity is a soothing aroma with essential oils that can boost the immune system while clearing congestion, coughs and fevers. Diffusing Immunity at the first signs of cold or flu symptoms can help to cut sickness off before it even starts.
Lemon and Orange are rich with antioxidants and Rosemary has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. Eucalyptus can work as a decongestant as it helps ease colds and viruses. Tea Tree is a very powerful immuno-stimulant. It purifies and heals against bacteria, fungi and viruses. Frankincense (India) known as Boswellia serrata deodorizes and purifies the air by eliminating harmful bacteria and can soothe physical and emotional discomforts ranging from headaches to anxiety. 
Immunity can also be beneficial for seasonal allergies. Great to diffuse when children get home from school to help purify the house and control any germs. Can be used in a roller bottle with carrier oil to roll on wrists, behind ears, back of neck, chest, feet, to prevent illness and help with stuffy nose. 

This Synergy Blend is made with 100% Pure Essential Oils, therapeutic-grade, no additives, never diluted.  

Shelf life is approximately 2 years. Store in a cool dry place. Labels are UV resistant for longer shelf life.
Do not ingest.
For aromatic and topical use.
We recommend a 3 to 5% dilution with a carrier oil for topical body applications.